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Thinking of adopting? Here are somethings to consider:

Please read this in it's entirety and then feel free to scroll allllll the way down to view our adoptables. 


  • Are you 100% ready for a commitment for the lifetime of the cat(s) which often is 15 to 20 years (sometimes even more than 20 years if you are lucky!)?

  • Are you in a stable home environment with infrequent moves and changes in residents?  Cats tends to be creatures of habit, and many don’t appreciate their lives being disrupted very often? 😉

  • You are ready, willing and able to pay for necessary medical care, Or Even Better, you have looked into Pet Insurance and are committed to signing up BEFORE you pet ever shows any signs of illness or injury. We have found the people who sign up for pet insurance only AFTER the pet needs it are the ones complaining that pet insurance is useless. Pet Insurance can be amazing, but it will not cover pre-existing conditions.

  • If interested in kittens specifically, are you ready for crazy kitten energy and mischief and to devote playtime with them daily to help them burn off some of their extra energy as well as provide them with lots of toys to keep them occupied?

  • Do you have a specific contingency plan in place in case something happens to you? Not fun to think about but sometimes a reality. It’s super important to have a backup plan in place, and it should be discussed with all individuals that you expect will step into the role if needed.

Please note that since we are a foster based-rescue (no facility) our cats and kittens are shown by appointment only once an application has been submitted and approved.

You can access our Adoption Application here

What's that? You don't want to complete an application until you have met our cats? The simple answer is "no". Our cats are in private homes and we could bother our volunteers to show them all day, but we don't want to inconvenience them by having them shown to people who aren't serious about adopting or don't meet our criteria. We respect their time and hope you do as well.

Once an application is reviewed we ask the cat(s)' or kitten(s)' foster parent to schedule a meet and greet.  If you choose to proceed we then will ask for a copy of your Photo ID and Proof of Address. We then schedule a virtual walk through of your home and discuss all aspects of the adoption with you. We will not reserve a cat or kitten for you and will only remove them from our website, Petfinder, and Adoptapet once the contract is signed and the adoption fee is paid.

Please note that we Do Not adopt kittens to be solo cats and they need to be paired with either another kitten OR you must already have a young cat or kitten in your home which we will verify with your vet.  Bonded Pairs will not be split even if you really really really really want just the one that you find cuter, even if you have a young cat at home, and we  suggest you do not even ask about this possibility.

These are our cats and kittens currently available for adoption. Click on a kitty’s picture so see more information about them and to apply to adopt.

Please Note the Following:

Kittens under the age of 6 months old are required to be either adopted in pairs or to a home with a young cat or kitten.  This is important for the kittens socialization.  Kittens separated from other cats too early more often wind up with aggressive play behaviors and bad litter box manners.  Please see our "Before You Adopt" and "Single Kitten Syndrome" pages for more info. If a kitten is older than 6 months but is part of a bonded pair, we will not separate them so please don't ask! We will think less of you if you do ;)

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