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Ready to Strut for Team AdvoCat?

Strut Your Mutt is a fun, fundraising walk…er strut…er virtual event (!) to help homeless pets! 

Historically it was a real-life walk (gasp) but now due to COVID-19 it’s a safe and fun virtual community walk and fundraiser to benefit homeless animals across the country.

Fundraising is so important, possibly now more than ever, so please join us to help save lives.

This year we had so many injured and sick cats and that's one of the things  this money is for.

  • We had Lefty, the boy with the compound break needing an amputation.  

  • Kissa Kitten with a mutilated paw (partially missing) who is still under medical care.

  • Cleo the pyometra kitty who also lost most of her tail due to an animal attack.

  • Petro, found sick and abandoned at in a parking garage.

Too many to list really.

Register to be part of our team and create your own AdvoCat Strut your Mutt Fundraising Page to be part of Team AdvoCat and help us save!

Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about our cause saving homeless cats and ask them to become part of the solution by donating to your page.  It’s that easy! 

Want to help but can’t join the team?  Donate to our team and you’ll help give homeless cats a second chance to have a great life!

The event is sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society to support local rescue groups and all donations received by members of Team AdvoCat go to our cats and kittens, less a small online processing fee.  Additionally, all donations are tax-deductible!

100% of funds raised go to life-saving efforts like spay/neuter, medical care, and foster and furever programs.

Kissa Kitten

Ready to Register for Team AdvoCat?

There is a $15 Registration Fee, however 100% of that is donated to AdvoCat Rescue and is tax deductable.

On the registration page, please be sure to click "Join a Team" and put AdvoCat Rescue in the search box!


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