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Tessa #Fighter

💙 Tessa 💙 IS a FIGHTER! I was at the vet for about 1.5 hours with her. Her fever spiked to 105.7. It was very scary! They were able to get her fever down with a cold compress and pain meds, which she was due for. They explained the pain can cause a spike in her fever. She is on IV with antibiotics. Vet said she will likely continue to spike while she fights this horrid infection. Plus her tiny body is likely in shock from the amputation, and she developed a URI.

But Tessa is not going anywhere because she is a Survivor! Once that fever was brought down she ate a little bit (willingly) and she was like a kid trying so hard to stay up to watch the ball drop! Would not go to sleep with people there to watch her! And her meows telling us she is going to beat this!

Keep sending good wishes and thoughts for her. She is going to get thru this!

And, please, if you are able, please Donate to her care! Our bills are Very High right now!!

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