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Nora & Carlos Adopted

This is an Overdue Adoption announcement due to the stickiness of the situation at the time of the adoption.


Nora was rescued by a friend of AdvoCat Rescue, Stacy Dutton. She responded to a plea for help for a tripod cat out east Long Island. The finder of the cat had actually bought him a little jacket and was feeding him. When she arrived, she found TWO cats both emaciated and covered in ticks. She took both cats with her and headed to her vet.

Both cats stayed at the vet for over a week recovering. Both were underweight and had so many ticks on them. It was heartbreaking.

Stacy decided to integrate the tripod kitty, Carlos, to her home, and asked for help with Nora. We brought Nora to PetCon at the Javitz Center and her new mom found her and fell in love

<3 She finalized the adoption but needed a couple of weeks before taking Nora home.

As it turned out, we found out later on, both cats previously belonged to a man who two months prior started allowing them outside since he adopted a Husky puppy and the cats were terrified of the him. According to his Facebook posts they refused to come into the house with the dog there. It wasn't with bad intentions, but the situation wound up stressful and unsafe for the two cats, and more than the man could manage.

We spoke to the previous owner and tried to reason with him. He posted them missing as of Nov 14th but we had them in our care since Oct 31. From their deteriorated condition, we new they were out longer than that. We had words with him and we advised him to contact an attorney (we also let him know it would be very expensive and he would lose). And we finally just made a simple plea to him "Let us find great homes for these cats. You seem like a nice guy not with bad intentions but took on more than you can handle. Let us find them homes, you can focus on your dog and not have to worry if they are safe". He never responded again.

Under NYS law, now that more than 30 days have passed and he has made no attempt to recover them, they are legally surrendered.

So Congrats to Nora & Carlos to your new SAFE and LOVING homes 💙💙

Thank you Stacy for saving them and adopting Carlos!!

Thank you Whitney for giving Nora her furver home!!

Happily Ever After for you All!!

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