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LOVELY LUNA *ADOPTED* Richmond Hill 9 #9!!!

Amazing Luna, the matriarch of the Richmond Hill 9 has been adopted!!

This has been a long time coming, and she has amazing so patient adopters who absolutely adore her and waited for her while she had not one, not two, but THREE surgeries for a prolapsed rectum!

They never once flinched or had second thoughts <3

Luna has spent so much time behind bars since before Christmas. She broke out for a short time and spent a couple of days relaxing at foster but mostly she was at the vet. They did love her there and let out to hang out at the front desk and check patients in, but towards the end Luna said "enough is enough, it's time for me to go to my furever home!" so home she went!!

Thank you Jennifer for fostering her (not just for her short break but before her issue) and for alerting us when you noticed she had an issue! Thank you Debbie M for doing another great home visit and helping us to safely place our kitties!! Thank you Karen for alerting us to Luna and her babies when they were being threatened to be dumped outside! Thank you to the Staff at Austin Vet Care who worked tirelessly to care for Luna AND keep her happy and entertained!

Thank you to all our supporters who helped us get Luna the surgeries that she needed!

Luna and her 8 babies were a HUGE rescue effort and so much could have gone wrong (and much did with Luna and Francy each needing 3 surgeries!

Happy lives to Luna and her new mom and dad, Amelia and Conrad

and all of Luna's babies, Violet, Melanie, Maui, Jewel, Felicity, Freya, Fiona, & Francy <3

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