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Khalos the Cat Formerly known as Hanna 😻

Who can say our favorite words?  ADOPTED.  FOSTER. FAIL.

Remember recently we were contacted about a kitty crying outside someone's door for hours?  Was in a huge apartment complex and most likely left behind when people moved.

Well Hanna, now Khalos, went to foster and isn't leaving!  She made herself right at home.  Her foster parents said "well she won't leave so we might as well make it official"  :)  Kidding!  One day in they knew they loved her!  

She did have an corneal ulcer but she's getting daily meds and her hazy eye is clearing up!

Thank you Aly Baiter for referring Isabella and Andes to us.

Thank you Amanda Killian for contacting us about Hanna.

Thank you   Martha Montgomery for going late at night to bring Hanna to safety.

And thank you Tamera Demkoff for bringing her to be spayed!

A complete #TeamAdvoCat effort start to finish!

Happy Lives to Isabella, Andes, and Ms. Hanna

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