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HandiCats Tessa & Shorty Adopted 😻


Our very special #TripodTessa and #ShortyNoTail have been ADOPTED. TOGETHER. 💜

Our #handicats have gone home to an amazing couple that adores them! Their new mama couldn't stop thinking about them when she met other kittens prior to them and just couldn't wait to meet them up close and personal.

These babies will never want for anything and will be spoiled and loved, as they should be!

We knew if we held out we would find an amazing home for them together 💜

Thank you to Dr. Lu and the staff at Austin Vetertinary Care in Forest Hills for taking such amazing care of them. Getting both of them through major surgeries and revisions. Tessa was determined to keeps us all on edge with worry for weeks while she fought for her life and we always knew deep down that this tiny fighter would pull through!

Happy Lives Tessa, Shorty, Allison, & Lee

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