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Garfield Saved! Tail Surgery <3

Thank you to everyone for your support, good wishes, and donation to make it possible for Garfield to get his tail surgery on Monday!! His newly shorter and much more stylish tail has yet to be unveiled but we can just imagine how handsome he will look with a healthy "clean cut" tail.

He's NOT a fan of the cone but he's not permitted to make his own fashion decisions just yet!

He's before pic, tho it's hard to look at, is no more, and he'll have a healthy tail now, not at risk for infection, all because people came together to help him! Thank you Antoinette

for your compassion for him to make sure he got the help he needed. Thank you John Debacker for showing up immediately to help trap Garfield when I said "injured cat". Thank you to our supporters for getting this help for Garfield 💙

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